Where the Bible speaks,

we speak;

where the Bible is silent,

we are silent!

That’s what we dedicate ourselves to do and encourage you to do as well!

You know, when it comes to something as important as religion,

we should

question everything,

and let the Bible give us the answers!

We should question all the things people do and say in the name of religion...

the things of salvation

the proper way to worship

the words to use

the things proclaimed

what to call ourselves

the organization of the church of Christ

and so on.

The truth of the matter is that there are thousands and thousands of religious organizations in the world...but there is only one God, one Bible, one church.

God has left us His Word.

He has providentially preserved it for almost 3500 years.

The Bible is readily available to all of us.

So we encourage you to question everything...

but never question the Bible for it is the Word of God.

Let us reason it the Scriptures together.